Welcome To School Progress Software!

Welcome To School Progress

School Progress software is a tool that easily enables teachers to carry out observations, assessments and recordings of each child's learning journey as your everyday process of teaching and learning, by electronically storing all data. This, in turn, negates the need to manually write reports and carry folders, which is very time consuming and tedious.

With either a laptop, iPad or PDA, the software will record all tasks electronically and can be viewed by the headteacher, teachers and parents via the specified portal. 

School Progress has been designed by using the latest web technology to provide a seamless experience for teachers and parents alike to track the process of each individual child.


Early Years Module

Early Years

School Progress has developed The Early Years system suitable for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), using Points Scores for assessments. Observations in the form of photos can be attached to the assessments as evidence, with graphical progress indicators to track the child's development throughout the year. 

Primary Years Module

Primary Years

School Progress has developed The Primary Years system suitable for the National Curriculum (NC), using NC Points Scores for assessments. Similar to the early years module students can be tracked, with regular assessments and graphical displays allowing easy analysis of the scores.


Ofsted Comments

Comments from Ofsted

School Progress Early Years Assessment Software is an integral part of the teaching and learning process at the pilot school, Marshfield Primary, in the Nursery and Reception Classes. OFSTED Inspectors were impressed with the ongoing, every day use of assessment in the Early Years classes. “Teaching is outstanding in the Nursery and Reception and children quickly find out that learning is fun."

Key Features

  • A web based application aimed at early years and primary level allowing teachers to record assessments electronically for their students.
  • School Progress provides the school, teachers and parents with an automated system for generating progress reports on demand throughout the year.
  • Observations can be quickly added to each child tracker with a photo and text in real time, negating the need to remember a task later in the day to add to the manual learning journey.
  • Assessment scores are inputted into the system and automatically update the Trackers.  This enables teachers to identify each individual child’s progress, class groups and the progress of specifically targeted class groups e.g. SEN, Pupil Premium, EAL, across all areas of learning throughout the academic year.
  • All National Curriculum and EYFS assessments are categorised, allowing the teacher to quickly input the scores. Photos can be attached to the EYFS assessments as per the reporting guidelines.
  • The parent's portal enables parents to see their child's progress throughout the year and allows them to input their own photos whilst at home throughout school holidays.
  • Management tools enable head teachers and managers to use Average Points Scores (APS), Average Points Progress (APP) and Typical Development scores (TD) for their analysis. 
  • The APS, APP and TD scores are generated automatically providing school managers the facility to track cohort, class trends and their academic progress easily and effectively.
  • Return on investment is immense in terms of time saving for teachers, assessment managers and head teachers, as well as other benefits including allowing quick comparisons between classes and cohorts across the school which normally would require hours of analysis. 


Recent News

Feb 2018 - new Primary reporting module launched.



** Watch this space for Early Years Progress launching soon! A brand new nursery specific software package designed for early years and pre-school.**

- Exciting new enhancements incorporating Performance Management and scrutiny evidence coming soon!

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