Early Years Assessment

School Progress has developed The Early Years system suitable for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), using Points Scores for assessments.

The Individual Child Tracker (ICT):  Each pupil has an Individual Child Tracker, which tracks progress across all 17 Areas of Learning. When the Individual Tracker is updated with assessment scores, the Assessment and Progress Trackers are automatically updated with the same data. 


Colour Codes




The Observation Function is part of the Individual Child Tracker enabling photographs and descriptions of learning activities to be saved in the Observation Record Function and used regularly to support assessment judgements. 

All statements from Early Years Development Matters can be viewed here including the Next Steps –Positive Relationships and Enabling Environments. To exemplify these next steps, School Progress has produced ‘Suggested Activities’  to aid teachers and support staff with personalised planning.



The Assessment, Score and Student/Teachers keys allow the Assessment Manager to set parameters for three essential functions of the software. The manager will tailor the settings of the assessment base, score base and input of class teacher, students and student attributes to suit the school. There are Add, Edit and Delete functions on all three essential elements.




The Assessment Tracker   has features which enable teachers to compare class groups and specific groups in order to analyse and track up to date progress.            



The Progress Tracker   enables teachers to track half termly progress of specific class groups in all 17 Areas of      Learning throughout the academic year.




Other features include:

 The Average Points Score (APS) Tracker enables teachers to compare the scores of the Cohort and other class groups such as Pupil Premium, term of birth, boys or girls.

 The Average Points Progress (APP)   can be used half termly to analyse and track points progress of the Cohort and class groups throughout the academic year.